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Here you will find a premium range of Organic  grass fed beef and lamb, raised in the Slieve Aughty mountains

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Organic Grass Fed Beef & Lamb Farm

One thing I have learned in life is that I can choose to make a living without exploiting people or nature. I took that lesson to heart when I returned to Loughatorick to carry on farming where my forefathers had before me.This path has led me to Lough Mountain Farm.

Together with my wife Sarah we have been running our Organic farm based on these principles. Our way of life will never make us rich but it will keep the wolf from the door. That is sufficient for us. We take what the Farm gives us and we offer our produce to you at a price that can work for you and for us. We can do this because we are in tune with the land and the animals. We don’t force them to perform beyond what is natural to them and this allows us to keep our costs low and our needs modest.

Our produce is limited both seasonally and by an aversion to waste. We are aware of the harshness involved in rearing animals for meat and we don’t take any life lightly. By buying our Organic beef and lamb you are contributing , not only to our livelihood, but to our way of living and the future of our farm. We hope that you value this connection to your food as much as we do”.

Our Angus and Galloway beef is second to none. Our animals have access to grazing every day of the year.

Our breeding programme is based on the animals abilities, not on a line in the ledger. This produces beef that is as natural as possible with fences. In fact you could say it’s super natural.

Lough mountain Lamb is produced on the slopes overlooking picturesque Loughatorick lake. While they are in the care of their mothers, they forage on the native flora thats found on Lough mountain farm. After weaning they are fattened on our best pastures. To ensure we have enough supply, we will buy lambs from another Organic farmer with the same ethos. The care and attention that we provide to our flock is evident in the quality of our Lamb.

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