The box contains approx 3-4 kg of steaks (Rib-eye, Sirloin ,Striploin, Chuck  and Round Steak ), 3kg of mince ,2-3kg of roasts and 1kg of stewing beef

All of the cuts are vacuum packed. The steaks are packed  two per bag. The mince and stew are in 500g bags. The roasts are approx 1kg each.

Your beef will be shipped fresh from the butchers ,and will not have been frozen. All of our products are shipped in temperature controlled cardboard boxes with a sheep’s wool Insulating layer

The offal will have been frozen prior to shipping. Unlike the beef in the boxes, it cannot be hung for 3 weeks to mature. Therefore it is vacuum sealed and frozen 3 weeks prior to the shipping date. The offal should be defrosted and cooked immediately  as it will have begun to defrost in transit.

We are a small farm that process our  animals one at a time. We do not have the facilities to store meat on the farm and we are too remote for a farm shop. We schedule our delivery dates to suit our business model and to minimise waste.

We feed our animals only on Grass and grass silage. We do not house our animals in the winter months, nor do we feed them concentrated feed. This mimics the natural lifestyle of ruminants. We provide enough for them to maintain body condition but not enough to make them fat. Once the spring grass begins to come in our animals respond quickly because their rumens are conditioned for grass naturally.

We now deliver to the 32 counties

Unfortunately No. not at this time. We would love to be able to provide specialised cuts and we get asked for a lot. Because of the scale of our business  we need to balance the cuts off of each carcass. This prevents waste and the animals ,at the very least , deserve that level of respect for what they’ve given.

We have worked hard over the years to find a good balance of cuts to go into our boxes. We believe there is a good variety of cuts which allows our customers versatility when it comes to dinner time. We can and do allow some changes in our boxes like interchanging the roasts and mince, but there is a limit to the changes allowed.

We are located in the Slieve Aughty mountains of East Galway, near the picturesque village of Woodford

No. We only sell through our box scheme

Provided you are careful not to damage the vacuum sealed bags, the meat should hold its flavour for up to a year.

The bones are cut into 100mm lengths. they will fit easily in an average sized slow cooker

The 10kg box will easily fit in a 27cm x27cm x27cm space in the chest freezer or in 1.5 drawers of a stand up freezer. The meat will need to be adjusted after the first night in the freezer so that it all freezes uniformly.

Free delivery will receive your box same day as shipment.  Courier delivery will be the following day.  We will contact you the week prior to finalize your delivery.